Our Programs & Classes

Students and enthusiasts of Taekwondo have many reasons for their interest in this and other martial art styles. Some are drawn to the physical fitness and weight-loss aspects of training. Others seek to add discipline and self control to their lives. While still others are concerned about safety and self-defense.

Whether you are interested in our programs for mental or physical well being, KMAT offers a number of programs that will fit your developmental needs and your busy schedule as well.

Kickboxing Fitness Bootcamp Fitness
This is a workout that is guaranteed to get you into shape,consist of Flex and Stretch to help you to become limber,our strength and conditioning consist of dumbells,bodyweight and kettlebell,our core fitness will get that 6 pack tight and our cardio will torch that fat right off,the cost of the classes are 5 weeks for $139.00,trial class is $15.00 contact us for more info

Mix Martial Arts Meetup
Now forming,if you are looking to get back into the swing of Martial Arts it does matter what style Bjj,Jujitsu,Taekwondo,Karate,Muay Thai contact us for more info

Adult Taekwondo and Martial Arts
Adult Taekwondo and Martial Arts-Martial Arts for the adults trying to stay active in the Martial Arts This class will hone your skills and Martial Arts knowledge and provide attention to your Fitness needs.

Children -Taekwondo
Taekwondo Martial Arts training for ages 6-12 Your child self esteem,self confidence,self discpline and fitness will soar.No one sits on the bench in our classes. We train you from white to black belt

Little Dragon's ages 4-6
Martial Arts Fun and Fitness for age specific children.Learning Motor function skills,coordination self confidence,self esteem amd physical fitness

Beginner Kickbox Fitness
Classes are held Mon-Thurs,730pm and Sat at 2pm and Sun at 12 pm Am classes TBA

Please Contact Us if you have any questions about our programs or would like to know about other programs that may not be listed here.